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Christians Are Easy Tools For Violence

Red States are less populated and hold a higher percentage of Christians. It is a dramatic misconception that these places would therefore be the safest American locations. Even before Trump took office, the murder rate was high in Republican areas, then Trump gave it a boost. Statistics are based on facts. Here are some takeaways..

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The Two Rs to Avoid

Capitalism is a freedom the GOP exploited then projected its imperfection onto the Democrats. Capitalism is the freedom to create private business and either grow wealth by success, or fail. It is a freedom of democracy. The only association capitalism has with republicans is in its immoral use. The GOP’s quid pro quo with selfish..

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Trump Appeals to America’s Lowest

Those fooled by ancient scripture are easy pickins to market dark politics to because they tend to hold less than modern moralities, and easily side with their object of worship on all points. After all, religion teaches belief without evidence, even belief against evidence. Worship overrides anything that goes against the object of devotion, and..

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