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The Bible: currency of the dogma-brain

‘Toys R Us’. You know what they do. ‘Believers’. You know what they do. It is a banner that attracts anyone with a scam to sell. Like shooting fish in a barrel. The “open sesame” to total trust from believers is to say “I’m a believer too”. But Donald Trump isn’t just trusted, he is..

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Whose Side Are You On? The Danger Of The BELIEVING MIND

Without the power of the people, an evil leader is at most no more significant than a lone serial killer. It takes their minions to manifest their ambitions of great power over others. It takes team work. Are YOU part of their team? Are you one of their minions? These minions are not only those..

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Blame Belief.

Believers are the scourge of a peaceful free world. Today we are dangerously close to global war with Putin visiting Jinping, no doubt about a timely attack on Taiwan while America supports both Ukraine and Israel which may well grow more complex and urgent. America is divided with a Republican Party in turmoil with support..

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