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Latest video (6th)

Any good religion has ever done is done by the secular society. All the evil done in the name of religion can only be done by religion.  Antisemitism is religious based, and like most things religious, has been leveraged for more evil than can be conveyed. Hitler used Germany’s Christianity to rally support for the..

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The Problem with Systemic Belief

The Dangerous Obstacle of Cognitive Bias. A tiny parasite lancet fluke enters the brain of an ant changing the ant’s behaviour. Instead of the ant gathering food and returning to its colony, it begins climbing blades of grass to reach the top, then falls, then climbs again, relentlessly repeating this cycle until it dies either..

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Latest Video

Do our moralities come from God? Or, did religion steal the best secular moralities of its day and claim them for itself? HERE IS MY ANSWER, and how I know the answer is correct:

The Great Divide

My 3rd Vlog is now up on YouTube. It is about the connection between the believing mind, and the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and the divide between those who know truth and those who don’t. Please click on My YouTube channel link from this site. Please subscribe if you haven’t..

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Ready NOW

In progress – my book, THE WORLDS BIGGEST LIE, a Trial for Truth is in the process of being published. I’ll publish a video blog premier to YouTube approximatetly a month prior to the book’s launch. This is St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome