Over six billion people have been lied to by religion, causing for some, mental impairment that endangers us all by its dogmatic affect. Previous criticisms of religion leverage narrower fields of evidence. I prosecute this wicked lie using expert witnesses from all necessary fields such as historicity, neuroscience, microbiology, astronomy and more, providing the most comprehensive case against religion ever. The grandest ‘CSI like’ investigation of all time is consulted for my case in this trial by you the jury. Cast your verdict online.
Personal Journey
I begin briefly with my early influences and experiences with religion and how scriptural study revealed major flaws that could not be satisfied through the church, other than to accept and ‘have faith’. Disappointed, this led me on a thirty year quest for truth. My former belief makes it easier to write to the believer, as I know how they feel and their objections to opposing views.
Part 1, Religion
I put religion on trial, beginning softly with a few major scriptural flaws that no creator would allow to represent him, and then move up the ladder of ever stronger evidence using historicity of the major religions. Scientology is modern and unique with little plagiarism by its creator who holds the world record for most science fiction novels. I reveal their construction working my way back in time showing the natural decline in secular morality and knowledge through the ages, covering the Christian evangelical, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Islam, all from Christianity, revealing motive and the hand of man in every case, from their inception to coming to power. I explain the most logical scenario based on evidence of how and why Christianity came to be from Judaism, and that Jesus’ birth date was peripheral to the purpose of inventing him so was later established by the Church needing science to create the final calendar as reminder of the non event. Though I cover some atrocities of religion, unlike other books, I do not use those as evidence of its illegitimacy, only for its wickedness. I summarize earlier than Christianity, from Judaism; Judaism rooted in Hellenism from the middle ages, then back through ancient history.
Part 2, Science
I move to our understanding of nature that replaces our earlier innocent need for creation mythology that was hijacked by the evil of religion. This sequence begins by forming a better perspective on deep time and distance so the reader gets the immensity of the topic. We learn the discovery journey of scientific tools relevant to evidence for my case and how they work, eliminating doubts the greater discoveries they aided in are accurate. These discoveries include the Big Bang, quarks to atoms to elements to molecules, to star and planet formations, expanding and accelerating universe, to primordial life, cells to tissue to organs to creatures and us. Demonstrated is how all facts line up no matter from what direction or purpose of study; like how you can apply donating blood as indication of the arrow of evolutionary time; how earlier paleontological findings have been further supported with later DNA discoveries; where the real Adam or Eve came from; how astrophysical calculations on never before seen pulsars, later ‘confirmed correct by actual findings of them, all proving science is the only reliable system for truth.
Part 3, The Amazing Organ
We switch to the human mind in the chapter ‘The Obstacle of Cognitive Bias’ explaining how the brain works with information, and where we choose to get it. Idealogical brainwashing in the youth trains the brain to disregard evidence and damages the ability to assess reality in all matters, proven in studies. I use the accepted neuroscientific likeness of religion to a brain parasite that alters its host to benefit itself. I show how brain scans have enlightened us about the wonderful feeling of the ‘holy spirit’ and reveal studies on large scale prayer, and cognitive testing with its correlation to atheism, agnosticism and differing degrees of religiosity. I show how believers changed the true meaning of what a miracle is to keep the faith when no actual miracles occur, so the ‘host’ may rejoice often, bringing on needed dopamine, the cement of all faith and the only outcome of prayer. It is a drug addict drug dealer relationship, with religion selling this brain chemical with false hope to the poor and ignorant.
Part 4 Moving Forward
In conclusion, Pope Francis’ necessary acceptance of evolution and the Big Bang (by God’s hand) has spawned the creationism tourism industry and a flood of effort by ‘creation enablers’ to twist scientific disclosure making evolution fit the book of Genesis. This has brought on secular push back, yet many still don’t know about the Pope’s message, especially Church and State countries kept ignorant to cash in on the poor. The damage done in the minds raised on dogma shown in cognitive science, often embrace the multitude of misinformation and conspiracy propaganda designed to once again, lie to the believer, shaping our world like religion has, for its own agenda.
I engage in a few popular conspiracies to show how critical thought can slice through exposing them as nonsense, and how this connection of the faithful, Donald Trump, tribalism bias and anti science tie together, affecting our long term prognosis with such problems as global warming. Science is always under attack from everything that promotes mistruth, unless they benefit from cherry picking it, demonstrating again that science is central to truth. Misinformation benefits its authors, like scripture benefits religion. I discuss some conspiracies that may indeed be legitimate, yet slip through little noticed, like the possible link between Islam and a new world order hypothesized from events and political statements happening in the Philippines, Europe, the UK and Canada.
Can we intercept these dangerous scenarios before its too late? ONLY if we attain an understanding of what is true and what is not.