From a young age Andrew James McQuinn was inspired by creating, and spent over 40 years in steel fabrication and industries requiring the trade, also privately, singlehandedly, constructed 2 steel yachts; invented, prototyped and solely produced a back therapy device, authoring its patents for the USA, UK, and Canada, manuals and marketing material.

Mr. McQuinn’s creativity went well beyond the works of a steel artisan however, as he wrote advertisement for radio; an animal rights news paper column ‘Paws for Thought’; and without realizing it had become over decades a philosopher of human nature, science and religion. He is driven by an intense interest in nature, from the animal kingdom to astronomy, and our world from both a natural and cultural standpoint, through both lengthy research and first hand experiences, including extended stays in third world countries.

Regardless of one’s credentials, there is no substitute for logic, his strongest asset. Andrew is not limited to one particular narrow area of expertise and he has the uncanny ability to learn to correctly connect the dots of the all encompassing big picture, like an excellent ‘front man’ turning complexity to simplicity. He readily admits his frankness and honesty made him a poor salesman, but with zeal can win a case for the truth, and has long been a debater and proponent for the Enlightenment.