MSNBC, Deadline: White House. Nicolle Wallace interview with Timothy Snyder—there is deep fear in America now for journalists and everyone who understands the real dangers of the possibility of Trump getting back into power. The reality of what would happen is legitimate, mouth drying horror! This is shared by ALL who are in the know, but not spoken publicly. It goes to show how little the average person knows. As they said, education on how horrible it is to live in countries where leaders that Trump idolizes rule. To be the right hand man of someone like Saddam Hussein is a dangerous way to live. Even a lie from someone into the ear of Saddam put that person’s life in grave danger. A few were found naked tied to public posts with their tongues cut out. Do you think Trump’s wannabe lap-dog VPs understand this? Not likely. I just watched a video from Mar-a-Lago of Trump praising Viktor Orbán when he was a guest there this year, helping form Project 2025. MAGAs don’t have a f#%^ing clue what they wish for. The American economy would collapse, but only nourish those in close favour to Trump. Russia and China are examples (don’t tell me China is doing well, go live there first). People don’t know this. Unfortunately, we can’t wish for MAGAs to learn a lesson from getting their wishes, for that would bring us ALL down. The only answer: LEARN AND EDUCATE OTHERS AND VOTE!