THE POWER OF SUGGESTION: the common thread in religion and propaganda, which often share the same people. These recipients also share a common denominator; they don’t have the factual knowledge required to reject what they are told. The fact is, many people prove they are dangerously ignorant. Here’s examples supporting this statement: Creationists don’t know much about the facts of nature. They don’t understand that Genesis is busted on its face by physics and chemistry that prove the sun is about 400 million years older than earth, and not ‘created’ on earth’s day four. MAGA are exactly the same way. The American economy is at its highest level in the past 50 years, yet most right Wing voters think the US economy is poor! Why? Because of the power of repeated suggestion, found in Right Wing propaganda, convinces them the economy sucks under Biden. They don’t know the facts. Tell them a lie, and they don’t know enough to refute it. The problem with America is gross ignorance. Ignorance to a degree that endangers the entire world! How? Misled people have voting rights that not only affect America, but the entire world.

Let’s be brutally frank here because it’s time. There are two types of people who swallow these lies; the ignorant, and fools (read stupid). I’m not asking you if this statement is correct. I’m asking, for which reason do you believe (of those who do), ignorance or stupidity? Fortunately ignorance can easily be corrected. The other, not easily, even not possible. There is also a third possibility, bias blindness, but I think that deserves to remain under the fool label since nobody wants to be wrong, not even a fool; they just cannot help themselves.

Should people so incapable of proper judgement be allowed to vote; to weigh in on deeply serious decisions? The reason children can’t vote is because they are still ignorant on such matters, but mostly because they lack mature judgement and its consequences. What’s wrong with people of knowledge leading and setting political direction? That would protect those who are incapable of intelligent decisions from not only hurting themselves, but all of us.