I’ve seen posts stating Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the famous Muslim woman who escaped the brutality in Somalia of her Islamic culture with its genital mutilation of women, has become a Christian after the long public held idea that she had become atheist. This has given Christians something to gloat about, as Ayaan is widely respected for her mind, and her bravery to promote women’s rights. She is the author of many books as a secular activist including ‘Infidel: My Life’; ‘Heretic: Why Islam Needs Reformation Now’; ‘The Caged Virgin’, and more.

We assumed she was atheist, not realizing she’s remained philosophically spiritual all along. She’s an idealist and a wonderful person who knows well the shortcomings of her birth faith Islam.

At first, I did not believe these posted claims of her admitting she’s now a Christian. I guess the reason I didn’t believe what I saw is that I have no idea what knowledge she has in science. She has certainly been friends with the likes of Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, which gives the impression they have shared knowledge with one another and therefore she must be atheist after having fled Islam’s death threats. But after listening to recent clips of her, it is clear what happened.

Dear Ayaan’s philosophical viewpoint has ignored, or more likely, is unable or unwilling to absorb some of most pertinent facts that tell us the creation stories are untrue, from DNA’s historical record, to historical facts showing Christianity is man-made along with the when, why, and how it came to be, and not only the fact there was no evidence of the famous man named Jesus, but evidence to the contrary in such documentations as Roman Governor Pliny the younger’s letters with Emperor Trajan in CE110. Facts MATTER. All creation stories are busted as lies.

Ayaan’s big reason for this admission is that the ‘experiment’ of atheists calling themselves ‘secular humanists’, has not solved the problems of a wicked world. She thinks we’ve ‘lost our way’, and that morality traces back to Christianity.

I want to know WHAT IS TRUE. What is proven true is Christianity is based on preposterous lies, and regardless of anyone’s opinion on whether or not it has made people good (I say and can easily show it has NOT), what is true should matter. People keep using evolved secular morality to define what Christianity is, instead of using Christian scripture moralities to define what Christianity IS. To quote Steven Weinberg, American theoretical physicist; “Instead of using religion to decide what is moral, they are using their moral sense, which fortunately is a perfectly good enlightened moral sense, to decide what is religious.” That is what people do, and that is why scripture is cherry picked, unless of course, one is that bad word, a ‘fundamentalist’. None of them seem to realize if these scripture morals were from God, we need to adhere to them to the letter! How wicked would that be? Unacceptable to any decent enlightened person.

Ayaan is really just a spiritually driven philosopher seeking a better world.