‘Toys R Us’. You know what they do. ‘Believers’. You know what they do. It is a banner that attracts anyone with a scam to sell. Like shooting fish in a barrel. The “open sesame” to total trust from believers is to say “I’m a believer too”. But Donald Trump isn’t just trusted, he is worshipped, yet, he is as much like his voter base as a snake is to a mouse or an axe head to a tree. He cares even less about his base as individuals than he does about his lawyers or GOP boot licking lackeys. They are merely steps to him. So why are believers sycophants to those they consider above them? Believers have been trained to serve what they glorify. But beware, though believers are shameless grovelling doormats at the mercy of their object of worship, they are vicious merciless immoral defenders of their master. A bit like, and as programmed as, a good dog. Trump with a Bible was like a master holding a dog treat. It is their currency for trust.