Without the power of the people, an evil leader is at most no more significant than a lone serial killer. It takes their minions to manifest their ambitions of great power over others. It takes team work. Are YOU part of their team? Are you one of their minions? These minions are not only those who act with violence and gruesome barbarism, like the man who hammered the head of elderly Paul Pelosi (husband of former House Speaker Nancy), they are also those who support their acts of violence through misinformed protest demonstrations or even just sharing disinformation as truth. This always cues self serving politicians to play to these voters’ bias. The religious have ALWAYS been used for this purpose because by default believers don’t seek evidence. A leader’s word is all they need.

Right now the extreme Islamic group Hamas has done what it’s always done; stop the peace negotiating process by attacking Israel. The latest disinformation to defend Hamas and blame Israel began IMMEDIATELY after a bomb struck a hospital parking lot in Gaza, which later evidence proved to be from another terrorist organization’s fumbled missile intended for innocent Israel Israeli citizens . This has lead to crucial support for Israel partially switching to the side of evil. That’s right, to trust the word of terrorists.

The easiest way to win a war is with a successful disinformation campaign. Trump won the US presidency in 2016 with disinformation created by former Putin boot licker Yevgeny Prigozhin, who ended up leader of the Wagner Group brutally murdering Ukrainians in Putin’s self made war. Prigozhin butchered his way into the heart of the Russian leader with his barbaric acts in Syria and the African blood diamond industry. If you are a MAGA, you helped endear Prigozhin to Putin. But like all evil, it does not end well. Prigozhin ended up killed by a Putin ordered missile strike of an airplane he was on, simply because Prigozhin had openly disrespected Putin in an effort to gain Putin’s attention by protesting the efforts of jealous Russian generals to foil the Wagner Group’s success in Ukraine. 

We are on the verge of global war as anxious dictators eagerly watch Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran/Lebanon, to take advantage of dividing their arch enemy ‘Democracy’ in its form of the USA, the free world, and NATO.

On Monday October 23, in an effort to curb disinformation by Hamas and its enablers, 200 members of the foreign press reporting out of Israel were shown 43 minutes of raw video footage collected, some from Hamas fighter body-cams, showing how they executed an unprovoked attack on innocent Israelis. It is beyond deranged and included scenes of murder, decapitation, humiliation, torture, burning, including on children, by the terrorists’ invasion of southern Israel.

Is it better to keep this evidence from the public so as not to offend anyone, yet allow disinformation to more easily succeed, or, as I firmly feel, no matter how horrific these scenes are, the voting public should see them? I say, it’s more important to SHOCK the stupid out of these disinformation minions.