If Genesis is God’s word, it would be correct. It would be ahead of its time knowledge. Instead we find exactly what we would expect to find if ancient man pretended to be God.

Today, using light filters we can read the light from stars like a barcode and know exactly what percentages of elements exist and what is burning, and physics tells us the order of burn (1st hydrogen, second phase helium etc.). We can thereby determine its age. Light can also tell us if the star is moving toward us or away (Doppler Shift). Our hard earned Cosmic Distance Ladder, incorporating trig and parallax calculations (now greatly enhanced by Gaia), gives us accurate distances to everything we can see! Our centuries developed knowledge of the speed of light tells us how long ago the light left its source.

If Genesis was true, we would not be able to see stars farther than about 6,000 to 10,000 light years distant. We see galaxies and starlight that left its source nearly 14 billion years ago! Star physics tells us those stars have died billions of years ago and the sun is a second generation star half way through its life)! The Genesis account is bogus. DROP MIC.