Capitalism is a freedom the GOP exploited then projected its imperfection onto the Democrats. Capitalism is the freedom to create private business and either grow wealth by success, or fail. It is a freedom of democracy. The only association capitalism has with republicans is in its immoral use. The GOP’s quid pro quo with selfish capitalists is the reason the GOP is against social programs. It’s cheaper for rich capitalists to pay the off the GOP than to support the country’s social programs!

Why would anyone needing social benefits vote Republican? That’s easy to answer. Because the GOP excites an easily fooled christofascist base by shoving biblical societal constraints down the throats of the secular population, giving the Republican voter a feeling of righteousness. It also diverts the faithful from becoming aware of the true motives of the Party.

The word socialism has been purposely confused by the GOP to mean communism, further ensuring by voting Republican they are also avoiding dictatorial communism, but in reality, leading us straight off a cliff into autocracy, which is only different from a dictatorship by the holding of periodic fake elections, something the GOP are currently working toward, again, projecting fake elections onto Democrats just as they project communism into socialism. It’s not hard to see by anyone who doesn’t believe in talking snakes, Noah’s Ark, and a 6 day universe.   

The religious avoid evidence against their bias, and so the faithful have always been chosen to exploit. It’s the surefirest way to get into power while hiding something, or offering nothing.