Those fooled by ancient scripture are easy pickins to market dark politics to because they tend to hold less than modern moralities, and easily side with their object of worship on all points. After all, religion teaches belief without evidence, even belief against evidence. Worship overrides anything that goes against the object of devotion, and so it is with Trump’s MAGA cult. Donald can do no wrong in their eyes, even with enough evidence against him as a viable president or decent human being coming from his own mouth. Aside from his credulous voter base, his immoral anti-American political enablers see him as a ticket to greater personal positions. They are also cowards to their core. They fear Trump turning on them in Jerry Springer show fashion, lashing them with ‘trailer trash’ slander and 4th grade ridicule. They fear the man who is a coward himself with a following of violent morons.

King Donald The Coward, despises heros and the brave. He hates beloved past presidents. He envies all that he is not. His low self esteem shows in his facade of greater wealth than actual, demonstrating an even deeper need to compensate than merely being rich. He must be super-duper rich.

He’s a bully to his enablers, knowing they too are cowards. He is gang leader to violent goons who have no idea they’ve been used by lies. They kiss his poor man’s idea of a rich ass, and act on his command to any violent end. Donald is a coward in the courtroom like a physical abuser of the disabled would curl into a defensive ball if placed in a UFC octagon, there is no contest. He raises money out of playing victim. He’s a coward who rapes and belittles women. A crybaby if not surrounded by a defending mob.

The united States is the cement of NATO and key to defending against oppressive dictators worldwide.

If Trump has his way, it’s because of America’s inadequacy to adapt and respond in a timely fashion to an internal attack never imagined or prepared for. It could succeed because of the paralysis of the American Justice system to defend herself against a corrupt autocracy aided by the American Christian’s lure toward Church and State antiquated righteousness.