As my father’s ashes join my mother’s in the same patch of earth, I ponder over the mind numbing question; ‘where are THEY’?

Where indeed!

Where was I when the sun ignited into a burning ball of hydrogen. Where was I when the earth formed from the materials of a supernova that formed the sun and then the earth? Where was I during WW2? The same place I’ll be when the moon departs its earth orbit. The same place I’ll be when our sun becomes a red giant and burns up our solar system. I along with they and everyone and everything else that changes form, remain part of the total unchanging energy of the universe.

Make the most of your only window of consciousness. For once it’s closed everything you know and experienced will be forever deleted. Is that a waste? It doesn’t seem so when you consider what became of anyone who stood where we now stand 500 or 5,000 years ago. WE and OURS only matter to us in the HERE AND NOW. We do however, ‘weigh in’ on the unconscious collective energy — forever.

Star Dust
Their window of conscious life
Some who remain