There is occasion where an X and O player can come to the aid of an expert chess player, ‘trumping’ even a checkers player for the job.

With pro democracy conflict on the rise in the past dozen years or so in places like Libya, where oppressive dictator Muammar Gaddafi was butchered by bayonet, and China’s long awaited soft reclaim of Hong Kong from a partial democracy back to communism became a less than willing and not so soft change, and Chileans rose against inequality and oppression, alarm bells sounded in Putin’s head. The internet was breaking through the isolation from Western democracy’s freedoms causing the ruled to seek greener pasture. A strategy formed (the chess game) that would serve Putin’s global ambitions in many ways, but all hinged on knocking the United States from its perch. Get someone elected as president who would do the job, even destroy the perch itself. Someone who cares more about himself than America and knows less about world affairs than a pump-handle village mayor, yet, someone popular. A useful idiot who wouldn’t figure out his full value in a dark agenda. Someone who would get the United States out of NATO. Someone who would create division and violence in democracy’s model. Someone idolized by the obstinate opinionated ignorant, to accomplish this inside job of turning America into a shit-hole. Someone who regards the law no more than the mayor of Hazzard County. Sounds like a tall order. Getting half that would be an unbelievable accomplishment.

Ignorant and narcissistic Donald Trump already owed money to Russia as his poor business practices and bad record of loan repayment made it difficult for him to borrow from credible American lenders, yet his brand was seen as gold by idol worshipping Christian America. Get him elected by propaganda (the checkers game) against his opponent Hilary Clinton. After all, Trump’s fans are ignorant enough not to even know much about Trump, let alone politics.

Putin won the lottery. Though Trump lost the popular vote nationwide, the Electoral Collage over represented rural America, places steeped in religious belief, prejudice and ignorance, especially of world affairs. So much the better! Really, Donald Trump was favoured for mayor of Idiotville.

In only one term Donald did more damage to America’s global reputation and caused civil unrest than ever in its history, which continues still with violence and ignorant pro-Russian opinions on America’s support of Ukraine. Even Hunter Biden’s dick pics (the X and O’s game) are used to discredit Joe Biden in lieu of a failed false equivalency of Hunter Biden’s ‘privileged business dealings’ with Ukraine ‘trumping’ privilege of Trump’s family not only in the White House, but abusing their positions while in it.

The world’s autocrats use the failing American democracy to demonstrate to their citizens how dangerous and chaotic democracy is by showing video footage of the January 6 coup on the US Capital. Putin often airs Tucker Carlson’s pro-Putin lies to Russians unaware this isn’t what the majority of Americans believe, only Fox’s ignorant minority base (not even Carlson believes what he says). Like Trump, Putin creates the problem, then uses it to lay political blame elsewhere.

Manipulated for dangerous global agendas by stooping to village council level biases, MAGAs are small timers who support the X and O player, master of “person, man, woman, camera” recitation, for Mayor of Idiotville.