Democracy is freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom to choose.

The abortion of a fetus is not an issue of right versus wrong, as simple as black or white, but one of subtle shades of grey. It requires a modern fine tuning of societal moralities which in a democracy are always vetted. It was successfully determined by the pro-choice result with the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973. The majority of Americans support it, which does not mean they all love killing fetuses. As I said, it’s a complex topic. It means the majority are intelligent enough to chose the freedom to decide based on numerous factors, including such things as to save the life of the mother.

Most Republicans are Christian, and of course that means most of them don’t know the Bible. Politicians use Christian bias as all bad politicians have, including Hitler. Like a dog who can be distracted – “Look, a squirrel”, politicians throw in the already settled abortion issue to once again to be hammered around by ignorant Christians, while hiding their hunger for power behind supportive autocrat serving Justices of a stacked Supreme Court.

The Constitution’s Freedom of religion was never intended to allow religion freedom to squash yours.

If a mother will die giving birth, morally correct is the right of the mother and family to decide if her fetus has more right to live than she.

This meme sums up biblical moralities on right to life. What does biblical ‘God’ say?