Any good religion has ever done is done by the secular society. All the evil done in the name of religion can only be done by religion. 

Antisemitism is religious based, and like most things religious, has been leveraged for more evil than can be conveyed. Hitler used Germany’s Christianity to rally support for the genocide of Jews, which, like Trump’s appeal to American bigots to build a wall, unites these evil and corrupt leaders with their ignorant religious and prejudice base to gain power.

Like religion itself, its all based on lies. If the truth is known, these evil forces would crumble. If the truth of how the Abraham and Isaac story created Christianity was known, I wonder if Hitler could even have come to power. I wonder what the difference would be today sparing just the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis?

Here is the truth in a nut shell of why and how the Jews invented Christ, and how it unintentionally backfired on them.