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About the Book

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Hi! and Welcome to my website.

In my book The World’s Biggest Lie, I put religion on trial and the reader is the jury to the most comprehensive prosecution ever, where I call on expert witnesses from all related fields. Other criticisms of religion leverage a narrower scope of evidence against it with a weaker conclusion. A link is provided to cast your verdict.

The greatest ‘CSI like’ investigation of all time has been at work unbeknownst to the vast majority for thousands of years, conducted by the world’s most brilliant investigators of truth, and has produced the evidence needed to convict the defendant, Religion, and put it behind the bars that separate reality from fantasy.

Here you will find links to my book, YouTube blogs, Twitter and Facebook that help make truth clear; the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me…. Science! In a world filled with conspiracy propaganda, harmful ideologies, and incorrect bias, our first line of defence is knowledge. The problem with the world is the minds of its people. Together we can intercept this growing mayhem and protect our future of a peaceful and prosperous secular world, but only if we know what is true, and what is not.

CAST YOUR VERDICT: Once you’ve read the book, please cast your verdict on my case for truth, by clicking on the Amazon link and writing a review.

NOTE: The citations included in the physical book and ebook are not provided in the audiobook (available at audible.com and found also from the Amazon link), but can be provided on request via the contact page on this site. You may be asked to verify your purchase to receive it. Thank you.